Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday is Market Day 10.31.14

Agricenter International Farmers Market in Memphis, Tennessee 7:30am - 6pm 
Antrim County Farmers Market in Bellaire, Michigan 8am - 12:30pm

Owego Farmers Market in Massachusetts 9am - 1pm

Brunswick Farmers' Market in Maine 8am - 2pm

Lacombe Farmers' Market in Alberta 9am - 1pm

Riverside Certified Farmers' Market in California 8:30am - noon

Danbury Farmers Market in Connecticut 11am - 4pm

Lyon Township Farmers Market in New Hudson, Michigan 12:30 - 6:30pm

Kaiser Permanente Farmers Market in Riverside, California 10am - 2pm

Orlando Artisan Marketplace in Florida 3 - 7pm

Youngville Farmer's Market in Ohio 3:30 - 6pm

Thornebrook Farmers' Market in Gainesville, Florida 4 - 7pm

Mundelein Farmers Market in Illinois 3 - 7pm

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday is Market Day 10.30.14

Annandale Farmers Market in Virginia 8am - noon
LaGrange Farmers Market in Illinois 7am - 1pm

Final market of the season at Village of Fishkill Farmers Market in New York 9am - 3pm

Coconut Point Green Market in Estero, Florida 9am - 2pm

Sierra Vista Farmers' Market in Arizona 10am - 2pm

Farmers Market @ PLCMMC-San Pedro in California 9am - 2pm

European Farmers’ Market in Bangor, Maine 2:30 – 5:30pm

Potomac Village Farmers Market in Potomac, Maryland 2 - 6:30pm

Final market of season @ Brookline Farmers Market in Massachusetts 1:30pm - dusk

Fulks Corner Farmers' Market in Gaithersburg, Maryland 1 - 6pm

Final market of the season at Arlington Farmers Market in Poughkeepsie, New York 3 - 7pm

Edgmont Farmers' Market in Pennsylvania 3 - 7pm

Mt Airy Farmers' Market in Philadelphia 3 - 7pm
Rockmart Farmers Market in Georgia 3 - 6pm

Yaletown Farmers Market in Vancouver, British Columbia noon - 4pm

Solomons Farmers’ Market in Maryland 4 - 8pm

Tucker Farmers Market in Georgia 4 - 8pm

Carlyle Courthouse Square Farmers Market in Illinois 4 - 7pm

San Luis Obispo County Farmers' Market in California 6 - 9pm

Boone Farmers' Market in Iowa 3 - 6pm
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday is Market Day 10.29.14

Staunton / Augusta Farmers' Market in Staunton, Virginia 7am - noon 
Opening day of Cumberland Farmers Market winter market in Maine 11am - 2pm

Dunwoody Green Market in Decatur, Georgia 8am - noon

Foothills Farmers Market in Shelby, North Carolina 8am - noon

Uptown Oakland Farmers' Market in Oakland, California 10am - 2pm

Merced County Farmers' Market in Merced, California 8am - noon

South Orange Farmers' Market in New Jersey 2 - 7pm

Corvallis Farmers Market in Oregon 9am - 1pm

Earth Mother Market in Fort Thomas, Kentucky 3 - 7pm

Eunice Farmers Market in Louisiana 3 - 6pm

College Avenue Farmers Market in San Diego, California 2 - 6pm

Miracle Mile Farmers Market in Los Angeles 11am - 3pm
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday is Market Day 10.28.14

Farmers' Market of Madison in Indiana 6am - 1pm 
Tampa Wholesale Produce Market in Florida 3 - 10am 

Rutherford County Farmers Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee 7am - noon

Jamaica Plain Farmers Market in Boston, Massachusetts noon - 5pm

Farrell Farmers Market in Pennsylvania 7am - noon

Downtown Country Market in Buffalo, New York 8am - 2:30pm

Bemidji's Natural Choice Farmers Market in Minnesota 11am - 4pm

Foothill Farmers' Market in Roseville, California 8:30am – 1 pm

Dover Cove Farmers Market in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 2 - 6pm

12th & St. James Farmers Market in Philadelphia 2 - 6pm

Palm Valley Farmers Market in Florida 2 - 6:30pm

Farmers Atlanta Road Market in Smyrna, Georgia 4:30 - 7pm

Milbank Farmers Market in South Dakota 4 - 7pm

Kersey Farmer's Market in Colorado 4 - 7pm

Clovis Farmers Market in New Mexico 5pm - sellout

25th Avenue Farmers' Market in San Mateo, California 4 - 8pm

Alpine Certified Farmers’ Market in California 3 - 7pm

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday is Market Day 10.26.14

New Baltimore Farmers Market in Michigan 8am - 1pm 
Square One Farmers Market in Mississauga, Ontario 8am - 4pm

Atlanta State Farmers Market in Forest Park, Georgia 8am - 5pm

Wolff's Farmer's Market in Palatine, Illinois 8am - 4pm

Golden Gate Farmers Market in Naples, Florida 9am - 2pm

Shepherdstown Farmers Market in West Virginia 9am - 1pm

Wrightstown Farmer's Market in Wisconsin 8am - 1pm

Pittsburgh Public Market in Pennsylvania 10am - 4pm

Market in the Valley in Golden Valley, Minnesota 9am - 1pm

Final market of season at Parker Farmer's Market in Colorado 8am - 1pm

New Gloucester Community Market in Maine 11am - 3pm

Hill-Stead Museum Farmers Market in Farmington, Connecticut 11am - 2pm

Alfred Farmers Market in New York 11am - 3pm

Bernice Garden Farmer's Market in Little Rock, Arkansas 10am - 2pm

Old South Pearl Street Sunday Farmers Market in Denver, Colorado 9am - 1pm

Amqui Station Farmers Market in Martin, Tennessee noon - 3pm

Blackfoot Farmers Market in Calgary, Alberta 10am - 4pm

Custom Gardens On-Farm Green Market in Silver Springs, Nevada 10am - 2pm

Yachats Farmers Market in Oregon 9am - 2pm

Needham Farmers Market in Massachusetts 1 - 5pm

Broadway Farmers Market in Seattle, Washington 11am - 3pm

Final market of the season at Chimacum Farmers Market in Washington 10am - 3pm

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday is Market Day 10.25.14

Rochester Public Market in New York 5am - 3pm 
Asheboro Downtown Farmers Market in North Carolina 7am - 1pm

Trails End Farmers Market in London, Ontario 7am - 5pm

Cobourg Farmers' Market in Ontario 7am - 1pm

Bloomsburg Farmers' Market in Pennsylvania 7am - 1pm

Union County Farmers Market in Blairsville, Georgia 7am - 1pm

Duluth Farmer's Market in Minnesota 7am - noon

Canandaigua Farmers Market in New York 8:30am - 12:30pm

Abingdon Farmers Market in Virginia 8am - 1pm

Shreveport Farmers' Market in Louisiana 8am - noon

Morgantown Farmers' Market in West Virginia 8:30am - noon

Final market day of season at Downtown Rochester Farmers Market in Michigan 8am - 1pm

Orange County HomeGrown Saturday Farmers Market in Orleans, Indiana 8am - noon

Bedford Farmer's Market in Indiana 8am - 1pm

Trick or treating for kids 12 and under at Plantation Point Farmers Market in Raleigh, North Carolina 9am - 2pm

Green Market at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia 9am - 1pm

Adams County Farm Fresh Markets in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 9:30am - 2pm

Vassar Farmers Market in Michigan 9am - 2pm

Anderson Farmers' Market in Anderson Township, Ohio 9am - 1pm

End of the 2014 Market Season Celebration at Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market of Wooster in Arkansas 8am - noon

South Windsor Farmers Market in Connecticut 10am - 1pm

Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, Florida 10am - 4pm

Larimer County Farmers Market in Fort Collins, Colorado 8am - noon

The Farmers Market at Imperial in Sugar Land, Texas 9am - 1pm

Downtown Buda Farmers Market in Texas 9am - noon

Downtown Farmers Market at Ancestor Square in St George, Utah 8am - noon

Nassau Bay Farmer's Market in Texas 10am - 2pm

Zion Canyon Farmers Market in Springdale, Utah 9am - noon

Bisbee Farmers Market in Arizona 9am - 1pm

Prosser Farmers Market in Washington 8am - noon

Final market of season at Gresham Farmers' Market in Oregon 8:30am - 2pm

Torrance Farmers’ Market in California 8am - 1pm

North Prairie Farmers Market in Minot, North Dakota 11am - 2pm

Sequim Open Aire Market in Washington 9am - 3pm

Final market of season at Gresham Saturday Market in Oregon 9am - 3pm

Lane County Farmers Market in Eugene, Oregon 9am - 3pm

Parkrose Farmers' Market in Portland, Oregon 9am - 3pm

Waimea Homestead Farmers Market in Hawaii 7am - noon

Lonsdale Quay Farmers' Market in North Vancouver, British Columbia 10am - 3pm

Harambee Farmers' Market in Los Angeles 10am - 4pm

Castro Valley Farmers Market in California 10am - 2pm

Idyllwild Farmers Market in California 10am - 3pm

Angie's Farmers Market in Atlanta, Georgia 2 - 6pm

Baker's Market Vancouver in British Columbia 11am - 3pm

Duncan Mills Farmer’s Market in California 11am - 3pm

Andrew Farmers' Market in Alberta 1 - 3pm

Storrs Farmers Market in Mansfield Center, Connecticut 3 - 6pm
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