Friday, February 25, 2011

Ohio: New Albany Farmers Market

Suzanne Lucas of Healthy New Albany in Ohio reports on the development of the New Albany Farmers Market, which opens for the season July 7 and continues Thursday evenings, 4-7pm, through September 8 in the Market Street Square downtown:
"Our mid summer, ten week, 'producer only' market will feature local fruits, vegetables, herbs, breads, poultry, beef, dairy, eggs and gluten free baked goods, and salsas among other products. The New Albany Farmers Market will be a Thursday evening destination for the entire community at Market Street Square.

The launching of the New Albany Farmers Market is part of a larger movement within New Albany called Healthy New Albany. Our community has been growing rapidly in recent years and there is a strong interest in health, wellness, local business and building a strong and safe community. Healthy New Albany is a reflection of our community’s commitment to these interests.

One of our goals in 2011 is to provide a venue that encourages the awareness and use of locally grown and produced goods that promote community health. The Village of New Albany is home to over 12,000 residents and almost 9,000 employees within the community. Our Thursday evening ‘producer only’ market will be held in the heart of the Village of New Albany, centered on the Market Street Square. We are working with key community groups to ensure that the market is an attraction to both residents and employees alike."
New Albany Farmers Market
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